Jan 3, 2012

T is for Tiger.

Or in my life, T is for T-shaped uterus. 

Apparently this type of uterine abnormality - which isn't necessarily slight - is a very rare congenital uterine malformation usually caused by DES exposure. While I know I wasn't exposed to DES in utero (dr's stopped using it in the 70's) I could be a 3rd generation DES mutant. Meaning, my mother or father could have been exposed in utero (DES was used in it's height in the 50's, when they were born) which according to some very very small studies could affect me. 


Women with T shaped uteri are more likely to have implantation issues, no implantation at all, early miscarriages, preterm labor and delivery. 

Double awesome. 

My RE didn't seem overly concerned and said there are still plenty of women with T shaped utes who carry to term and that the SHG revealed good volume which would indicate good chances of not having preterm labor, so I probably shouldn't worry either. 

At least that's what my brain is telling the rest of me. Y'all, I'm freaking out. There's such a small chance either of my parents were exposed to DES and an even smaller chance that even if they were that it would have any affect on me. And there's nothing I can do about it anyway. And it could just be, and probably is some strange thing not at all related to DES. But I'm now picturing my ute as being some weird alien thing that glows in the dark. 

At least if I did get pregnant then the baby would have a night light??


  1. I feel torn between knowing so much about my body vs being left in the dark. Like, now you'll be thinking about your T shaped uterus. Blah. I'm glad your RE didn't seem too concerned about it.

    PS Night lights are awesome!

  2. I'm also torn on the info vs. no info thing. I'm a habitual over researcher though, so I usually end up with too much information for my own good.

    And I completely agree that night lights are awesome :)