Jan 31, 2012

Lucky charm?

We're officially on the calendar for March :) We'll be transferring hopefully on or shortly after March 12th. Hooray, hooray for FET #2!

We have 5 snowbabies left of our original 9. I have mourned the loss of never being pregnant with my perfect babies. I hope one of these 5 will make it and become something others can also love. Some don't consider it a loss, when IVF cycles fail but I do. I'm not comparing my loss(es) to someone who has suffered a miscarriage or any sort of child loss but I still have lost babies. Those perfect embabies that very well could have and should have developed into something more. Had they been given the chance to grow in someone elses womb, they might have and probably would have had a chance. I have failed my perfect rockstar embryos. The moment I knew of your existence I loved you. I dreamed of your future and your accomplishments. I miss you and the idea of what you would have become. 

So today, I'm thinking about all the babies lost. Whether an embaby, early miscarriage, stillborn or any lost baby. Your mommies love you and miss you.