Jul 30, 2010

Dear Lindsay,

I miss you so much sometimes. I can't believe you're gone most of the time. I like the beginnings of my memories of us because for a brief moment, usually just a fleeting second, I forget that I can't pick up the phone and call you or email you or see you. I love those moments when you are still alive in my head. But then it ends. And I remember that you're gone. It hurts so bad sometimes Linds.

I think about your parents all the time. I wonder how they are and pray for peace in their hearts. I hope they know that I love them too but I find myself scared to call them sometimes. I know it's stupid but it's so hard to talk about you. I like thinking about you by myself. It's probably selfish but thinking about you is sometimes my favorite part of the day.

I sometimes worry that people have forgotten you but then I come to my senses. There is no possible way anyone could forget you. It's an incredible understatement when people say that you were beautiful inside and out. I don't know if I'll ever find someone as genuine and wonderful as you. I was so blessed to call you one of my best friends. I am still  blessed to call you one of my best friends.

I love you Lindsay and I always will.


Jul 29, 2010

I live for days like this.

We took Gunner for a hike around a local lake and we had such a good time. Gunner led the way and got to go swimming. He also peed on everything and got to chase some ducks. He was in his own version of heaven. The trails were mostly shaded and there was a nice breeze so it wasn't really too hot.

Leading the way! He was so excited :)

He led us to the water's edge. Gettin his sniff on.

Cooling off and chasing feathers.

Uh oh, he spotted the ducks.

Coming back to shore after chasing ducks.

Such a happy boy after his swim!

I seriously think I have the best dog in the world.

Jul 23, 2010

OMG y'all, I just saw my first episode of Cheaters.

It was my first episode and holy moly, for real! And did you know that Cheaters is based out of Dallas??

I don't know their names so I'm going to rename the main characters.
Amy - contacted cheaters about her boyfriend
Will - boyfriend
Rachel - Amy's roommate

So Amy thought her boyfriend was cheating and Cheaters found out that he was cheating and it was with Rachel, Amy's roommate (GASP!). So Amy confronts them at a bar. Will and Rachel try to leave but Amy wants to talk about it. Rachel decides she's had enough and gets in a car to leave with another friend. Will doesn't like this and KICKS IN THE WINDOW OF THE CAR and tries to pull Rachel out. So the Cheaters bodyguard guys tackle him and hold him back. Rachel leaves.

So then Amy keeps asking him why, why, why and he asks why she's doing this on camera and she asks "When were you going to face this like a man?" His response? He punches her. In.the.face. She crumples down and makes a puddle of blood with her now bloody nose. Again, the Cheaters guys tackle him and hold him down until the police and ambulance get there. Whoa, lemme tell you that was intense. But it gets better, while they're loading Amy into the ambulance and he's in cuffs on the curb he gets up and tries to run. He's a reeeaaaaal winner.

In the follow up interview, Amy and Rachel both decide not to try to work things out with Will. Good choice ladies, good choice.

American TV at it's finest folks.

Jul 17, 2010

We went on Vacation and I have proof.

We went to the beach with our best friends for about a week for the 4th of July and this is what went down.
                              We watched fireworks from a boat on the 4th.

We went to the beach.

This is us after the beach.

We drove by this place. They apparently were open. And had tacos ::giggles::

The boys went fishing. Note: My dad showing off his 'catch'

We dressed up for a fancy schmancy dinner.

And right before they left we took a touristy picture.

On the way back home, Ryan and I stopped in Houston. He caught my sister.

And then he got to hold our new niece :)

There also may or may not have been an adventure involving jumping a fence to use a hot tub. Hint: there was.

Jul 1, 2010

t-minus 36 hours...

UNTIL WE LEAVE FOR THE BEACH! I am so freaking excited! Ryan and I will be there for about 8 days, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. We really don't know. He doesn't have to be back here for work until th 16th, so we can play it by ear. Lola (my partner in crime) and Mr. Lola will be joining us down there for about 4 days and I can't wait to see what trouble we get into ;)

So anyway, if you need me for the next week or so, check here:

I can't wait to relax on the dock, go to the beach, and hang out with Lola and Mr. Lola!