Jan 19, 2012

Today has been a bad day.

It's been a crying day. 

A feel sorry for myself day. 

A torture myself by watching pregnancy announcements to families videos on youtube, kind of day. I really don't know why I do things like that.Maybe because the thought of making one of those things makes me want to puke because they're so cutsie...or maybe because it's something so foreign to me I want to know more.  

I knew it when I woke up too. I even went to work prepared by not wearing any eye makeup. I did make it through work since I had plenty to do to keep busy. Yay busy work! 

But today wasn't a bad day. 

Today was a good day for one reason. My extra sister, my 5th sister, got wonderful news. If you're the praying type, will you say a prayer for her that her good news stays that way? I've prayed and prayed and prayed for this good news for her and I'm so glad one of us gets good news. 

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