Apr 17, 2011


Surgery was a success and I am now septum free! We went in at 10:00 am on Friday and they started surgery at 11:00. I was out of surgery by 12:20 but I don't recall anything before 1:00. While I was in recovery, the RE went to speak with Ryan and all of the family that was there ::eyeroll:: and she said that surgery went perfectly. Woot! The nurses there were wonderful and the RE and anesthesiologist came in to check on me a couple times each.

I spent a little more time in recovery than expected because I couldn't pee. I finally filled the cup and we got out of there around 3:15 and we were home by 4:00. I then slept on and off for the next 18 hours which was wonderful! I had some pretty intense shoulder pain which I learned really fast that gas-x wasn't helping but I DID figure out that laying on my right side did alleviate some of the pain. My guess is that laying on the side with the gas build up forced some of the gas to disperse elsewhere and helped the pain in that shoulder.

Ryan has been wonderful and has been taking great care of me. He even went to get me chocolate milk :) A good friend came over and brought us a casserole which I am so thankful for since I am especially sore today and Ryan goes back to work tonight. I would have ended up ordering pizza or something if it weren't for her.

If I'm still this sore tomorrow, I think I'll need Ryan to take me to work tomorrow and I'll have to get someone to take me home. I just don't think I can drive right now :(  I also don't think I should be driving on the meds I'm taking right now :P

I go in for a suture check on Thursday and my post-op appointment is on Thursday, April 28. And I think it's at that appointment that we'll finally get to make a plan of when we'll start treatments!

Apr 12, 2011


I had my pre-op appointment today. It was mostly uneventful but very informative. The RE went through with me all the do's and don'ts for the day before and the day of. I'm so nervous/excited. I can't wait for it to be over!

Then when I went back to work later that afternoon, during a team meeting I had a breakdown. A male principal was in the room. I tried to be smooth and hide my tears behind my hair and cough a few times to mask my sniffles as sickness. I think he noticed and I think he got really uncomfortable which is what prompted his swift departure.

I feel incredibly overwhelmed with life. Especially finances. If I were rich, I feel this would be much less taxing on me, on us. Half of the emotional battles are fueled by, "WTF! We owe how much?"

And it doesn't help that our retaining wall in our backyard is failing and now we're fighting the contractor who built it to fix it. He guaranteed it! And it lasted a whopping 6ish months...

I hate money. I really really do.

Apr 7, 2011


Guess what folks? It's Infertility Awareness Month! I know you've been anxiously awaiting this all year!

All kidding aside, infertility is a life altering and heart wrenching experience. Thousands of couples across the world dream of expanding their families and month after month, cycle after cycle, and year after year experience heartache.

Recently PETA made some insensitive comments at the expense of infertile people/couples. To read more see this: http://www.resolve.org/about/resolve-condemns-peta.pdf  Of what little respect I had for PETA, it has now been completely lost. I am completely for the humane treatment of animals but I do NOT support a group who trivializes something so serious.


Apr 5, 2011


Fifteen is a big number for me here recently.

My baby sister is fifteen. This means she will be getting her learner's permit soon and will be on the roads. WATCH OUT PEOPLE! For realz. Kidding. Kind of... She's my baby sister and I just can't believe that she's so grown up sometimes. It really breaks my heart but in a good way.

April 15th. This is the day of my surgery. I'll be having a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to correct my messed up uterus. I'm oddly excited and nervous all at the same time.

Fifteen months. That's how long we've been trying. For some reason this number is hitting me hard. Harder than the one year mark strangely enough. Oh well, sixteen will be here before we know it and for some odd reason, it seems much less daunting than fifteen.