Dec 22, 2011

Christmas threw up in my house

And more specifically, Christmas wrapping threw up in my house. 

For the third Christmas in a row, Mr. Slick and I waited to purchase gifts for our parents (3 sets!) because we were SURE that this year we would be able to buy them cutsie, "I love grandma/grandpa!" onesies or put an u/s picture in a frame. And for the third Christmas in a row, we have had to come up with alternate gifts. Completely our fault, by the way. That's just the thing with infertility, it breeds endless hope. 

So, even though we found out a few weeks ago that we were NOT going to be gifting adorable baby clothes, bibs, or blob u/s pictures, I still had to frantically shop yesterday - for pretty much everyone, allllll 20something gifts I needed. It was my own selfishness that made me wait so long. I needed to wallow a little and feel sorry for myself, I guess, before I could decide on alternate presents. And it was this waiting that led to frantic gift wrapping that I'm not even going to pretend I'm done with. I'm only about halfway done and the upstairs den is already covered in scraps of paper, ribbon and those little bits of tape that randomly appear after mass wrappings. 

When will I learn that procrastination leads to chaos? Maybe next year I'll throw everyone for a loop and buy them cutesie, I love ______, dog clothes. Yes? No? Would it be cruel to get their hopes up like that? Yea, probably. Sigh.


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  2. I've been trying to comment on your blog for like a month, and it's just finally working! Yay! Feel like we're friends already.

    Have been reading/following your story. Just want to wish you luck. I haven't gotten through as much as you have, but definitely understand that infertility battle.

    My husband once teased that we should post on facebook, "Our lives are going to change in 6 months!" And then when people OF COURSE guessed pregnancy, we'd be like, "No duh. It's my birthday in six months." And then sarcastically he once said, "If we aren't pregnant by the time we're thirty, let's kill each other." I realize that sounds morbid and weird, but he was just teasing, and I laughed my head off. Anyway, so I thought the onesie idea for the dog was funny - though yeah, probably not those who have to deal with us "infertile" peeps.

    Best wishes!

  3. I'm glad you were able to post finally!

    And that's funny about the Facebook thing...sneaky, sneaky!