Dec 30, 2009


Ok, here goes:

First we went to Houston. I got new boots and a great outdoor ice chest from my dad and stepmom. Ryan got tons of hunting stuff. I think I was most excited to give the gift to my parents though. They had an ancient, I mean ancient, TV. 20ish years old to be exact. So all my siblings and I went in together and got them a new 40 inch lcd tv with a new tv stand. They were so surprised.

Next, we came back up to Dallas to do Christmas with Ryan's family. We got some great gifts and I really really love being with his family. They're so close and I want my future children to be in a family like that :)

Lastly, we went to Port Aransas (the BEACH!!!) for a trip with my mom, stepdad, sister, and Ryan's parents. It was awesome! I freaking love purses and my mom and sister gave me 4, yes 4! amazingly cute and beautiful purses! I'm in love. The beach was a little too cold for my tastes but it was still a good trip. I think we'll make this a yearly thing.

I feel so loved.

Dec 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and how am I spending it? Alone. I went Christmas shopping and I'm wrapping presents. That's it.

Pity party at the Slicker house tonight. Come by if you'd like to join. I have chocolate :)

Dec 18, 2009

I feel loved :D

Today was the last day before Christmas (ooooh exscuuuuuse me, Hoooliday Break) and I completely expected my students to be crazy and they were so well behaved! I am so proud! They also got me some great gifts. One made me a card and you can really tell he put some serious effort into it! He's not the type at all to do that. Gifts like that make my heart melt. I also got lots and lots of chocolate :) Oh! And a student gave me a scarf. She bedazzled it and put a cute button on it. I love it when they put in personal touches, it shows that they really care.

I love my job! Not because of the presents (they're a perk, I can't lie) but because I get to see these kids do thoughtful and kind things everyday. I get to see 'toughguys' write their favorite teachers letters and tell them how much they enjoy their classes. I get to see them at their best. Yes, I sometimes see their worst but seeing their best completely makes up for it!

Dec 17, 2009


I firgured out how to change the background. I feel like a rockstar!

Warning! Lots of random below!!

I only have 4 more hours with my students for this semester! Woohoo! Don't get me wrong, I love all my students and I love my job but I'm seriously ready for a break! Tomorrow is a half-day (kiddos leave at 12:30) and I just hope they can just hold themselves together for that short amount of time.

My mom and youngest sister are coming up to stay with me this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to get together with my oldest sister and my nephew and who knows what else???

So, I'm really disappointed with SYTYCD this season. I don't know why exactly. The dancing has been good, it's just that I haven't developed a 'relationship' with any of the dancers. No one has given an emotional performance really. Lame.

Dec 6, 2009

Christmas present list: The joys of a big family

Family I need to buy presents for:

1. Ryan - husband
2. Mom
3. Johnny - stepdad
4. Dad
5. Ginia - stepmom
6. Amanda - sister
7. Orrie - brother-in-law
8. Jonnie Lynne - sister
9. Bubba - brother
10. Sarah - sister
11. Ethan - nephew
12. Meemaw - grandma
13. Rusty - father-in-law
14. Sharon - mother-in-law
15. Stephanie - sister-in-law
16. Adam - brother-in-law
17. Madison - niece
18. Karen - Ryan's aunt (we drew her name)
19. Lauren - Ryan's cousin (we drew her name)
20. Kristen - Ryan's cousin (we drew her name)
21. Michael - Ryan's cousin (we drew his name)
22. Another person on my side of the family (we haven't drawn names yet)


1. Secret Santa at work
2. Secret Santa for group of friends
3. Jessica
4. Holly (I just happened across a wonderful gift that I had to get!)

And I'm responsible for picking out and purchasing most of this. Oh and I am responsible for wrapping ALL of this. Wonderful. I'm going to be broke after Christmas. Maybe I should ask for gift cards to grocery stores so I can feed us after December bills come in.

For the record, I have completed seven of these so far.