Jan 17, 2012


Since there's no baby coming anytime soon, we decided to get a little more in shape. 

Well, I totally ate concrete today while running with the pup. Aaaaand this is the 2nd time in two days. 

Y'all, it was so embarrassing. 

We were running, had a nice stride going, the dog was keeping my pace. It was GLORIOUS. Usually he's tugging on me or I'm tugging or him. Or he's chasing rabbits or ducks. Oh the dang ducks, he just can't contain himself with those things. 

So we were running, things were good, and then I got cocky. 

I decided to gracefully leap from the sidewalk to the road so I could cross the street. Well, toe hit edge of curb which then sent me rolling into the street. The pup was still running, completely unaware of me being now face down in the street. He then dragged me about another foot or so as we were still attached by the leash. 

He then turned around, gave me a WTF mom? look and then thought, "WAIT! She's on the ground! This means play time, right?!?!!" ::commence absurd tail wagging and licking of my face::

Three kids and an old man saw me. I then retreated to my house where I'm trying to convince myself that the concrete isn't' out to get me. 

::sigh:: I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully it's only my feet hitting the ground.


  1. That would have been my dog's reaction too!

    1. Aw! Sorry but this made me laugh- The visual you created was perfect! Good luck tomorrow!