Feb 22, 2011


I hate insurance companies. They're scam artists.

The end.

Feb 16, 2011

Winter Pictures

A little rosemary :)

A beautiful winter night.

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Feb. 14th!

Things I love:

1. First and foremost, I love my husband. Without him these last several weeks would have been a nightmare. He's what makes my life make sense. He's the chocolate to my milk. We're good apart but even better together :)
2. My dog, even when he sits grumbling at my feet because he wants to go outside for the 5th time within the hour.
3. My family. They made me who I am and although they drive me crazy sometimes, I wouldn't trade them for anything.
4. My friends. Past, present, with me and gone they are all with me in my thoughts always.
5. Chocolate. Dark especially.
6. Chocolate milk. See reference in #1.
7. I've really come to love working out. I go do some cardio and then do weights and I might throw in yoga or another class. It's a great way for me to relax.
8. Teaching. The job of teaching has it's challenges but I love the actual teaching.
9. Sleeping in. With these emotionally draining few weeks, sleep has become a wonderful friend of mine.
10. The internet. Who am I kidding? I nearly hyperventilated yesterday when my iPhone stopped working!

So, what do you love??

Whether today to you is Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day or National Condom Day, I hope your day is wonderful!

Feb 9, 2011

Interesting Article

A friend on Facebook shared this with me and thought I'd pass it along to the blogging world. You know, to my 2 readers and whoever else might stumble upon my blog :)


Dear Gunner,

I love you. You are the best furbaby I could ask for but please, for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY stop eating things that give you horrible horrible gas!

I know it's not your food. You've been eating the same food for 2 years. I know it's my rosemary and sage in the backyard along with whatever other flora you find in the yard or creek behind the house.

I know, I know, maybe I should be a better mother and supervise you while outdoors but it's tricky to do so all  the time.

So please Gunner, do us all a favor and take some beano or something.

He looks so innocent, but don't believe those precious eyes!

Love, Mrs. Slick

Feb 6, 2011

Dear World,

I know life isn't fair. I'm not here to ask why life isn't fair but I am here to complain about it.

There's something I want. Something we want. Something that some of our friends want.

But we can't have it. At least not when we want it. Some have to wait years for this.

But the age of instant access (thank you Facebook and Twitter) shows me that people who do not want this get it. People who are not ready for this get it.

It's just sad that some people, good people, want this, work for this, deserve this and they have to wait in line not behind the 'undeserving' but the unprepared.

What's up with that  world??


Faith can move mountains, but don't be surprised if God hands you a shovel.

For nothing is impossible with God Luke 1:37

If you can’t find hope. Look in a new direction.
Let your tears come. Let them water your soul. ~Eileen Mayhew

These are a few quotes I'm living by here recently.

That's it.

Feb 2, 2011


Dear readers (or should I say reader?),

I apologize for my blogging sabbatical. Please forgive me.

I'm in a bit of a funk. So is Mr. Slick. But we're not in a funk together. We're wonderful together so don't fret your pretty little hearts.

I have some sever cabin fever. Like BAD. I've been cooped up in my house for 3, YES THREE, days now in the bitter cold. Northern friends don't laugh - but it's 17 effing degrees outside right now. The windchill is 5. Excuse me Texas!! When did you change latitude???

Here's what was on my vehicle earlier:
It has good length, but not much girth. The one next to it had some potential before Mr. Slick took it to work.

I have been so bored. While chatting with a friend online, she mentioned cookies and it dawned on me that I HAVE ALL THE INGREDIENTS FOR COOKIES. This is the end result:

Note the epically awesome oven mitts in the background.

They were delicious by the way.