Feb 4, 2012


When the world says, "Give up." Hope whispers, "Try one more time." ~unknown

Yesterday I had my baseline appointment for FET #2. Everything looked great and I started shots last night - and so did the oh, so lovely hot flashes. 

I know what can go wrong. I can feel the fear in every part of my day but it's by the Grace of God that I can manipulate that fear into hope. My fears are still there but hope is what is making me try again. 

There may come a time where I seemingly throw in the towel and "give up." But what may seem like giving up to you, is me focusing my hope and channeling my fears down a new path. 

So here's to hoping for the best, knowing the worst and hot flashes and migraines from my meds :)


  1. Hoping with you my dear. ::cheers::

  2. I love that saying! Best of luck to you with your FET :)