Apr 25, 2012

Check list!

Our check list is getting some action!

  • Find an agency we like - CHECK!
  • Find a home study agency - CHECK!
  • Start filling out mounds and mounds of paperwork - CHECK!
  • Buy extra bandaids for the paper cuts - CHECK!
We mailed off our application with our first payment...we're gettin' serious about this people! I have a stack of paperwork that's at least an inch thick AND there are some online forms too. 

I also just ordered and spent $140 on documents that we'll need for the home study. And that wasn't even half of them!


  1. I love lists. So glad to see some many getting checked off of yours! Good luck with the home study!

  2. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and was just wondering what agency you chose? I want to adopt too from the Russia area so that is why I am curious.

    1. Hi Beth! If you're still interested shoot me an email at mrs.slick09 at gmail dot com. I have names and information from TONS of agencies and I have a short list that we ultimately narrowed down to our top choice.