Apr 10, 2012

Information overload

We're about 99.9% sure what type of adoption program we're looking for. 

We're about 99.9% sure we're looking into international adoption. 

We are however, still looking for the right agency. 

We went to a (free! yay!) seminar this past weekend and got a TON of great information on programs we like. We also liked the woman we spoke to but we still want to talk to a few others before making any financial commitments. But yea, this is where the information overload is coming from. There is seriously SOOOOO much to think about.

We've gotten most of the documents we need, or have ordered the ones we need for the home study. 

We also told Mr.Slick's family this weekend (well half of them) and it went well. They were very supportive. We were also able to tell some of my family members who were also supportive. We were, for whatever reason, nervous about this - almost waiting for negative comments. We have received a few but the good have greatly outweighed the bad so far :)


  1. goin the international route huh? sweet. this is so exciting!

  2. Very exciting, Slick!!! I'm sure it's a ton of info overload, but so is IF at first. One step at a time :)

  3. Yep! Dh presented his argument for it and we agreed to go that route instead of domestic adoption. I'm pretty excited about it.

    1. I vote for a post about this :) Just interested to hear how you and DH weighed your options and made the decision.