Mar 26, 2012


Today while at the grocery store, I remembered I needed some more school supplies for my classroom. So, I headed down the school supplies aisle - which happens to also be the toy aisle. 

There in the aisle were two young kids with their mother. She was playing on her phone while both kids were desperately trying to get her attention. 

Kid 1: Mommy, Mommy! Look at this one! Can I have it? 
Kid 2: Mommy! Isn't this pretty? Do you think Daddy would like it? 

The only acknowledgement she gave her children was to say (loudly) shut up and put the toys into the basket. 

I tried to discretely walk by and noticed she never once looked up at me from her Angry Birds game. 

I gave both kids a smile and wink and left the aisle with an angry and jealous feeling. 

So, what did I do? 

I marched my angry, jealous butt over to the dog toy aisle and bought Gunner a new ball. I wish I were as excited as he was about that ball about anything in life right now. What I would give to feel such love for something and someone as my dog feels about me. 

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