Mar 8, 2012


My ute got compliments from my RE on Wednesday :)

She said it was beautiful - I was beaming with pride.

We've always struggled with getting it to the minimum of 8mm and at my check up on 3/6 it was 10.4mm!!!

I started PIO yesterday and so far so good. No adverse reactions like last time, at least not yet. And transfer is set for 3/12.


  1. ::high fives all around:: You've been kind of quiet these days Slick, I was wondering how things were going. I'm so happy to hear the good news! :)

  2. Thanks D! I've been in a funk lately and this good new and hope is helping me crawl out of my hole.

  3. ::pats slicks ute:: who's a good ute who's a good ute?!?!? ((hugs)) to you friend, rooting loud and hard for you from afar!