Mar 15, 2012

Transfer update

We had our third transfer on Monday 3/12.

Everything this cycle was looking up. My lining was better than it's ever been, blood flow was good, and I was feeling good!

Then on the way to the actual transfer after my morning acupuncture appointment we got a call from the embryologist. Our embabies weren't thawing correctly :(

We planned on transferring two, so they thawed two. Neither looked normal and one was far worse off than the other at only about 10% viability and it eventually didn't make it. So they asked for permission to thaw a third one. With such short notice, we weren't able to see how this one was developing but they didn't want to give the other one that was still out too much time as it was starting to slow in it's development.

We ended up transferred two low grade embryos. The RE and embryologist said there was still a chance but they didn't want to risk thawing more, because the results may have been the same.

I was upset and still am. Mr. Slick seems more optimistic but I don't know if that's true optimism or just a show to be strong for me.

::sigh:: I guess we'll see.


  1. I am sorry things didn't go as well as you hoped. I have everything crossed that this is it!

  2. gah! I'm frustrated for you. Hang in there hon. :/

    ::big hug::

  3. I hope those embabies are overachievers and surprise you :)