Dec 12, 2011

Refrigerator full of pictures

I have a refrigerator full of adorable pictures. Kids sitting with Santa, kids in adorable holiday outfits, kids draped with Christmas lights. Only thing is, none of these are my kids. 

How many years can I get away with putting a Christmas hat or antlers on my dog and taking a pic before he plots my death and executes the plan while I sleep? (he wouldn't come near me for nearly an hour after last year's torture - I can't believe I don't have evidence of this on my computer)

Maybe I'll just start hoarding dogs and each year I can feature the new one. 

OH! And maybe if I get enough I'll have enough to send out a personalized calendar each year. 

Jan - cute puppy in the snow
Feb - cute puppy with hearts
March - cute puppy in green
April - cute puppy in rain gear
May - cute puppy in flowers
June - cute puppy at the beach
July - cute patriotic puppy
Aug - cute puppy swimming
Sept - cute back to school puppy
Oct - cute puppy with pumpkins
Nov - cute puppy with a turkey
Dec - cute puppy with hat or antlers

Ok, I feel better now that I have a fallback plan. 

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