Dec 15, 2011

The (new) plan

I went in for my follow up appointment yesterday and my RE said everything I was hoping. 

My questions were: 
  • Could there be any scar tissue from my LAP last April when my septum was removed? 
    • She suggested doing a SHG to check for this before I could even ask - it's scheduled for the 27th, woot woot!
  • Do I need to repeat any b/w?
    • She answered this before I could ask - all b/w is current - we would repeat if I had by this point an unsuccessful pregnancy 
  • Should we try a different form of estrogen than Estrace? Like Vivelle patches? 
    • She said we could be more aggressive with estrogen from the start since there were slight lining issues last time. We'll likely do Estrace + something else (maybe the patch, maybe another oral medication). We're aiming for a 9-10mm lining this time. 
  • Embryo Quality?
    • Before I could bring it up, she raved about our embies and how wonderful they looked and thawed. So, no embryo quality issues are evident.
  • Baby aspirin? 
    • She said she's not for it or against it but there's no harm in trying, so we'll be adding in a baby aspirin next cycle. 
  • Could my PIO allergy (to the oil, not progesterone) have had a negative affect on things? 
    • She also answered this before I could ask - No, P4 levels were still fine. My allergy did not affect the absorption of the progesterone, just made things painful and uncomfortable for me. 
  • Can we time things for another FET over spring break or should we wait until June since I don't have anymore time off work this school year? 
    • She said we could do either and she would be supportive either way. Of course, this is all pending the SHG results. 

Anyway, she was wonderful and is being proactive instead of just chugging through another cycle without checking things out first. She said she doesn't want to leave any stone unturned before putting us through another emotional and physical roller coaster. 

So we're on a break for now. But when you're already 2.5 years into the process, a break here or there isn't terrible, I guess. We'll likely be cycling again in March or June. But for now I'm enjoying my Dr. Pepper :)


  1. Your doctor sounds wonderful! I am glad she was able to give you answers and that you' have a new plan! Enjoy that Dr. Pepper!

  2. Thanks so much, I love my doctor and the Dr. Pepper was wonderful :)