Feb 6, 2011

Dear World,

I know life isn't fair. I'm not here to ask why life isn't fair but I am here to complain about it.

There's something I want. Something we want. Something that some of our friends want.

But we can't have it. At least not when we want it. Some have to wait years for this.

But the age of instant access (thank you Facebook and Twitter) shows me that people who do not want this get it. People who are not ready for this get it.

It's just sad that some people, good people, want this, work for this, deserve this and they have to wait in line not behind the 'undeserving' but the unprepared.

What's up with that  world??


  1. ::shakes fist at world:: also, make the cold weather go away

  2. Yes, the cold weather needs to go away. STAT!