Feb 2, 2011


Dear readers (or should I say reader?),

I apologize for my blogging sabbatical. Please forgive me.

I'm in a bit of a funk. So is Mr. Slick. But we're not in a funk together. We're wonderful together so don't fret your pretty little hearts.

I have some sever cabin fever. Like BAD. I've been cooped up in my house for 3, YES THREE, days now in the bitter cold. Northern friends don't laugh - but it's 17 effing degrees outside right now. The windchill is 5. Excuse me Texas!! When did you change latitude???

Here's what was on my vehicle earlier:
It has good length, but not much girth. The one next to it had some potential before Mr. Slick took it to work.

I have been so bored. While chatting with a friend online, she mentioned cookies and it dawned on me that I HAVE ALL THE INGREDIENTS FOR COOKIES. This is the end result:

Note the epically awesome oven mitts in the background.

They were delicious by the way.



  1. NOM. I totally want cookies!!! Keep blogging, even for your one reader :-) LOVE YOU

  2. *ahem* Two readers ;)

    *steals a cookie*