Dec 30, 2009


Ok, here goes:

First we went to Houston. I got new boots and a great outdoor ice chest from my dad and stepmom. Ryan got tons of hunting stuff. I think I was most excited to give the gift to my parents though. They had an ancient, I mean ancient, TV. 20ish years old to be exact. So all my siblings and I went in together and got them a new 40 inch lcd tv with a new tv stand. They were so surprised.

Next, we came back up to Dallas to do Christmas with Ryan's family. We got some great gifts and I really really love being with his family. They're so close and I want my future children to be in a family like that :)

Lastly, we went to Port Aransas (the BEACH!!!) for a trip with my mom, stepdad, sister, and Ryan's parents. It was awesome! I freaking love purses and my mom and sister gave me 4, yes 4! amazingly cute and beautiful purses! I'm in love. The beach was a little too cold for my tastes but it was still a good trip. I think we'll make this a yearly thing.

I feel so loved.

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