Dec 18, 2009

I feel loved :D

Today was the last day before Christmas (ooooh exscuuuuuse me, Hoooliday Break) and I completely expected my students to be crazy and they were so well behaved! I am so proud! They also got me some great gifts. One made me a card and you can really tell he put some serious effort into it! He's not the type at all to do that. Gifts like that make my heart melt. I also got lots and lots of chocolate :) Oh! And a student gave me a scarf. She bedazzled it and put a cute button on it. I love it when they put in personal touches, it shows that they really care.

I love my job! Not because of the presents (they're a perk, I can't lie) but because I get to see these kids do thoughtful and kind things everyday. I get to see 'toughguys' write their favorite teachers letters and tell them how much they enjoy their classes. I get to see them at their best. Yes, I sometimes see their worst but seeing their best completely makes up for it!

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