May 10, 2012


This is a PSA:

If you're planning on pursuing international adoption in the next 6 or so months, start schmoozing up to the records department at your local police department, county clerk's office, state offices, doctor's offices, vet's office, etc. 

Some of these people act like it's an act of God for them to pull a record for you. Never mind the fact that it's their job or anything. But seriously, I go to pull records, and they act like no one has ever needed 3 certified copies of their marriage license, birth certificates, or background checks. 

Really? We're the first EVER? 

Even though some people have been less than willing to do their jobs, many have gone above and beyond to get us documents in a timely manner (this is a shout out to you little man in the passport office for not charging us extra for our rush order!). 

But we're making progress :) Our home study has been scheduled for May 20th, we got our fingerprints done and sent off, we have all of the official documents we need from the state, and most of the documents we'll need to fill out for our dossier once our home study is finished!

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  1. Yeah for moving forward to Home Study! :)Sorry some people have been a pain when it comes to doing their jobs.