May 1, 2011

We're starting treatment cycle #1!

Which in actuality is really only cycle number 2 for us. How sad is that? We've been trying for 16 months and only ONE so far I've ovulated. There was only ONE chance so far in the almost year and a half.

Well, this cycle we're getting a REAL chance. The RE explained to Mr. Slick and I with our combined issues that we had a 2-4% chance of conceiving on our own - if I ovulate. Well with all the interventions she's providing us, we'll be brought up to a little better than normal. A perfectly healthy couple has about a 20% chance each cycle, and we'll be about at a 25% chance. I am beyond excited (even if I do have to give myself a shot)!

Tomorrow I go in for my baseline u/s to check my lining thickness and to make sure there aren't any cysts. They will also be taking some blood like the vampires they are ;-) I'll go back in in a week or so for another u/s to see how I responded to the medications and then possibly a few days after that if needed. Then somewhere around the the 2nd or 3rd u/s I'll give myself the shot to force all mature follices (eggs) to release.

Y'all, I can't describe how excited I am.

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