May 8, 2011

These crazy lady moments brought to you by... Clomid!

So yea, clomid is making me into a crazy lady.

Scenario número uno: Monday, 9:30ish am, in my classroom with a sweatshirt on. I was talking to my class, inspiring the minds of our youth! And it hits; the first hot flash. Oh mah gah. I started sweating and I'm sure my face was all sorts of red. I start fanning myself as my freezing students stare at me with bewilderment due to my cold classroom and my current position. The moment passes, their confused looks fade, but then I'm suddenly overcome with thought of "Oh shit, what if I have pit stains now!?!" Ya know, because that's important ::eyeroll::

Scenario part deaux: during my conference period at school when feeling overwhelmed with the day, I will sometimes fill my time with reading meaningless news articles and cruising Well on this day I came across this article about this family that was trying desperately to buy a house but they were sadly, being outbid everytime. So mom decided to make a change while submitting another offer on another house. This time se included a picture of her family with a letter about how much her kids loved the house and pool and how she and her husband wanted to raise their family there. Well, this worked and their offer was accepted even though it was $10,000 less than another offer. This had me BALLING! Like I couldn't stop those ugly tears. Then he bell rang and My students starte filing in. I frantically tried to cover my tears and hide myself but it didn't work. Cue second round of confused faces from students.

Oh thank you Clomid.

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