May 2, 2011


The vampires took two vials today. However this vampire was kind and didn't poke through my veins this time and cause unnecessary bruising. I also had the joy of losing my dignity this morning when I had a wonderful u/s on cycle day 3. Which means I was on my period for this, oh so lovely u/s. Let me just say ewww ::shudders:: However my lining was "perfect" and my ovaries were "lovely" as the RE said. At least I got a few compliments while losing all self respect I had for myself while on that table being violated by the dildo cam while on my period. ::shudders again::

I just got the call a few minutes ago that my cd3 bloodwork came back normal and I got a call from the specialty pharmacy that my Ovidrel (this is my trigger shot - it'll make me ovulate at a certain time) order was received and they'll call in a few days after they try to convince insurance to take it so I can go pick it up. So yea, I picked up the Clomid (this will help my follies grow at an appropriate pace) and we can really try this cycle. I mean REALLY.


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  1. ::eep:: I'm excited for you to be really trying :)