Oct 11, 2009


Weekends are so boring. Ryan sleeps all day and most of my friends have things like children to attend to or actually have lives and go out on weekends. I instead spend my weekends, catching up on all the shows I missed during the week, on the internet, and I occassionally throw in the random cleaning/laundry session. I take Gunner on walks and read books, I cook things that can be frozen and then eaten on a later date but I am so incredibly bored. I know some people would kill for all this and I'll probably miss it someday but right now it sucks. All I have to talk to is my dog and he just looks at me like I'm crazy (no comments on that one please :D). I wish Ryan didn't work nights so I could see him more often or so we could have fun on the weekends. He works Thurs-Sun. On the days he works, he sleeps until 3:30pm, leaves at 4:30pm (I don't get home from work until 5 at the earliest) and doesn't get home until 7-7:30am (I leave at 7:15). I'm just lonely on the weekends. Buuut, all this completely pays off come summer time. I get to see him tons more! So I guess it's a trade off. Enough complaining now, I need to go switch the laundry anyway.

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