Oct 22, 2009

Tomorrow's Friday!

Tomorrow is Friday! This means lots of things; 1. I get to wear jeans tomorrow, 2. I get to stay up late tomorrow and sleep in the next day, 3. It'll be the start of my 4 (yes 4!) day weekend and 5. I'm going to get a massage tomorrow afternoon! Hoooooray! I love wearing jeans to work because jeans also mean I get to wear comfy shoes. I love staying up late because Ryan's not here and I get scared at night (I'm a wimp, I know). It's going to be a 4 day weekend for me because I'm going to Houston to go to the SYTYCD Tour with my Jessica Lynn! And oh my goodness, I love massages. I have a gift certificate and I'm spoiling myself tomorrow.

On a side note, I'm being serenaded by my dog's snoring right now.

1 comment:

  1. i am so JEALOUS. I don't think I can tell you that enough!