Oct 3, 2009

Technology: A love/hate relationship

I am writing tonight from my ancient laptop that took me about 20 minutes to turn on and get fully functioning. Why, you might ask? Because our other laptop is being difficult today. It won't turn on without going straight into safe mode. It keeps telling me that it's because of the recently installed hardware and that it needs to be uninstalled. Well, first off, there isn't any newly installed hardware and secondly, I tried uninstalling everything that's been installed on that computer in the last 3 months and it still didn't fix the problem completely. I can now get the computer to start normally but it freezes within a minute or two. I keep trying to run the antivirus crap but the computer keeps freezing so I can't get all the way through and then I have to restart the computer and start all over. AAAAAAND I'm pretty sure Ryan will blame me b/c he says I'm the only one who uses it (but that's a lie!) I only use it for going online and I only go to safe sights. I've visited 2 (yes, I know the exact number) new sites in the past month and this just started happening today. He uses it too, just not daily.
So here I am typing from ole reliable. Her monitor is starting to detach from her keyboard, she doesn't scroll beautifully anymore and it takes her about 20 minutes to wake up and will sometimes fall asleep at inconvenient times but she's there when I need her. I've had this laptop for 6 years now. That's what? 84 in computer years?

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