Oct 29, 2009

Grow Up

Why must people create drama at work? Yes, let's make up stories and tattle to the bosses about your make believe world so you can get attention and stir up trouble. Too bad you didn't get the attention you wanted! Instead of getting other people in trouble like you set out to do, you got a taste of your own medicine. Kinda bitter, isn't it? Why do you want to make things awkward for tomorrow? Why do you want to make no one want to sit with you at lunch? You work with a bunch of women. Do you think they're all going to just shrug it off and forgive you immediately?? You were one of my better friends at work but I just can't keep up with this or support this kind of stuff. You're turning into a toxic friend and it hurts me that I'm losing you as a friend but I WILL NO STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL. I will not act more immature than the children we teach. Grow up.

I'm done complaining now.

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