Mar 21, 2014

Yikes, it's been a while!

So, it's spring break which means I get some time with my favorite little boy! 

We had some adventures this week. 

We went to story time at the library. 

We went to the zoo. 

We went shopping where we had an epic meltdown. It was a good one, y'all. People that witnessed it will be telling their families about it, kind of epic. So, sorry Kroger patrons, please remember that little ones sometimes don't get much sleep at night and then don't understand that because of that they NEED a nap. I don't have a picture of that, but I do have a picture of what we did after we got home to wind down...

There's something calming about us building our racetrack, and just setting up the cars to race around. 

Anyways, the real exciting thing is that PAWPAW AND MOOMOO ARE COMING!

My parents are on their way and this little dude is beside himself with excitement. I love how much he loves our parents and I love that he has grandparents to spoil him now! He deserves it. 

While we waited, we went to the park. 

This little dude could swing forever. And ever, and ever. 

I have seriously loved all this time with my boy and as much as I love my job, I don't wanna go back :(

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