Dec 27, 2013

Our 2nd Christmas, first real one!

Last Christmas was our first one but it wasn't a real Christmas. We were still kind of secluded and bonding with each other, so we didn't do anything really, with our families. And Little Slick didn't really understand. 

Well, he got it this year. We went to see Santa, we read books about the real meaning of Christmas, he asked questions about baby Jesus, he excitedly said his night-night prayers (and snuck in some of these gems: "Dear God and Jesus, please tell Santa I want a giant excuvator" or "Please tell Santa I was good and that I love big excuvators")

And then something magical was found on and this was waiting for the little boy on Christmas morning. 

Yes, that's a giant, ride-on bulldozer with excuvator. 

And this was the result Christmas morning. 

It's not very often that you get to witness pure joy. Our little boy was SO proud, so in-love, so joyful. 

He now loves digging in our yard and flower beds, he loves telling people about this, he just loves it. 

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