Apr 13, 2014

Terrifyingly Exciting


I'm ready to share out loud and start documenting. 

We are hoping to expand our family again. We are talking with our agency again. 

Who knows, maybe Little Slick won't be the Littlest Slick in a year or so!

That's terrifying. And exciting. Mostly exciting. 

And you wanna see something terrifying? I forgot I had this picture and just found it while looking through my phone. This is Mr. Slick and Little Slick standing on the edge of a cliff. My eyes were like this O.O the whole time and I could barely breathe. 

I hope I have more to update on soon, but we're kind of just waiting to see what our options are and we're likely waiting to get serious about this until this summer anyway. 


  1. Woohooo!!! I just saw this! Very Excited to read more on your quest to expand the family Slick!

  2. yay! How exciting! Looking forward to hearing updates on your search for Little Slick #2! :)