Apr 5, 2011


Fifteen is a big number for me here recently.

My baby sister is fifteen. This means she will be getting her learner's permit soon and will be on the roads. WATCH OUT PEOPLE! For realz. Kidding. Kind of... She's my baby sister and I just can't believe that she's so grown up sometimes. It really breaks my heart but in a good way.

April 15th. This is the day of my surgery. I'll be having a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to correct my messed up uterus. I'm oddly excited and nervous all at the same time.

Fifteen months. That's how long we've been trying. For some reason this number is hitting me hard. Harder than the one year mark strangely enough. Oh well, sixteen will be here before we know it and for some odd reason, it seems much less daunting than fifteen.

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  1. Maybe 15 is just a really significant number, what did Cheri22 say?