Jul 23, 2010

OMG y'all, I just saw my first episode of Cheaters.

It was my first episode and holy moly, for real! And did you know that Cheaters is based out of Dallas??

I don't know their names so I'm going to rename the main characters.
Amy - contacted cheaters about her boyfriend
Will - boyfriend
Rachel - Amy's roommate

So Amy thought her boyfriend was cheating and Cheaters found out that he was cheating and it was with Rachel, Amy's roommate (GASP!). So Amy confronts them at a bar. Will and Rachel try to leave but Amy wants to talk about it. Rachel decides she's had enough and gets in a car to leave with another friend. Will doesn't like this and KICKS IN THE WINDOW OF THE CAR and tries to pull Rachel out. So the Cheaters bodyguard guys tackle him and hold him back. Rachel leaves.

So then Amy keeps asking him why, why, why and he asks why she's doing this on camera and she asks "When were you going to face this like a man?" His response? He punches her. In.the.face. She crumples down and makes a puddle of blood with her now bloody nose. Again, the Cheaters guys tackle him and hold him down until the police and ambulance get there. Whoa, lemme tell you that was intense. But it gets better, while they're loading Amy into the ambulance and he's in cuffs on the curb he gets up and tries to run. He's a reeeaaaaal winner.

In the follow up interview, Amy and Rachel both decide not to try to work things out with Will. Good choice ladies, good choice.

American TV at it's finest folks.

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