Nov 2, 2009


Hilarious! <--go watch that. I would have peed my pants.

I miss my husband. He's never home. He leaves for work before I get home and gets home after I leave. He's also been gone every week during his 'weekend' (mon-weds) for the past month or so doing boy things; hunting, fishing, more hunting. It'll start slowing down after Thanksgiving (hopefully) and then I'll finally have him back.

Tonight I made lasagna and while it was cooking I ate some string cheese and cashews and now I'm not hungry. I have an entire lasagna going uneaten. Ryan's not even here to eat 3/4 of it! I'll have to freeze it I suppose.

I can't WAIT until Thanksgiving break! Holly and I are going to San Antonio for a nerds, I mean girls weekend. We're going to The Alamo, shopping on The Riverwalk, possibly to Sea World and to a Science/History Museum. Getting excited!!

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  1. I also love how she's dressed as the Oprah magazine. Ellen is HI-larious!