Mar 23, 2015

The K Word


Y'all, Little Slick is going to kindergarten. 

We went to open house and registered him last week. I was an emotional wreck that day (and night) but held it together while we were there. 

I'm adding this to the things I never thought I'd get to do category. Things I'm grateful to get to do, but man, it was hard! 

He is so excited, pumped to be exact. He tells EVERYONE about his new school and all the new friends he's going to make. And don't even ask him about the new playground he saw, he won't stop talking about it if you ask. So, don't ask! 

How can he be ready when I'm not? Most parents get 5 years to prepare for this, I only got 2. I wanted more time with my baby and now he's a big boy. He's GOING TO KINDERGARTEN! 

I'll just be over here wallowing about my baby growing up so fast. Ignore me. Or bring me chocolate, your choice. 

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