Nov 6, 2014

National Adoption Month!

November is the BEST! It's National Adoption Month! It's also the month we became a forever family, so I might be a little biased :)

What is adoption?

The word adopt has many meanings. From, I found one I like:

And you know what’s funny? This definition wasn’t even talking about adopting a child, this one was talking about adopting an item or new nickname.

When you choose to adopt you choose to forever hold, love, and cherish that child as your own.
Adoption is love.
Adoption is a choice.
Adoption is hard.
Adoption is (most of the time) expensive).
Adoption is a long process.
Adoption is giving children what they deserve; love and support.
Adoption is worth it.

There are also some misconceptions about adoption.
Adoption isn’t temporary.
Adoption isn’t second best. It might not have been a family’s first attempt but it’s never 2nd best.
Adoption isn’t loving someone less.
Adoption isn’t for everyone (but I wish more people would consider it!).

Are you considering adoption? Are you considering placing a child for adoption? Reach out! I’d love to talk or visit one of these resources below.

And if you need proof of how awesome adoption really is, just check out this awesome little dude. He is definitely worth every single hard part of this process!

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