Dec 29, 2012

Trip 2 - Day 3

Today when we went upstairs to the big playroom, there was another couple, facilitator, and the social worker and the other couple was holding A. We both immediately put our stuff down and asked why they were holding A (ok, Mr. Slick calmly put his stuff down, I threw mine down and wheeled around about to start a fight. I swear I’m normally calm). By that time they put him down and he walked over towards the social worker and he confused and absolutely terrified. Then he saw me and put his arms up for me to pick him up and he calmed down. The other couple’s facilitator immediately left the room and a few minutes later their child was brought in. Apparently A was brought in first since his room is right next door and the other couple thought he was theirs. We know this couple is on their 2nd trip since they were also getting their medical exams yesterday but we can't figure out how they didn't know that wasn't their child. We recognized A even with an extreme haircut immediately. All three of us were a little upset but we calmed down quickly. Mrs.P later explained that situations like that one are one of the many reasons why she doesn't like that facilitator - he doesn't even know the children he matches with families. 

He was full of hugs for the first 10-15 minutes perhaps partially because of the incident earlier but we didn't mind. We always love hugs and snuggles from him. There were 5 families there today including us and the other couple from our agency. Three of the couples (us, our friends, and the ones who thought A was theirs) all were in the big room and the other two couples were in a smaller room that was attached. Today they turned on the heat and with that and all the body heat it was miserably hot in there. There were 6 adoptive parents, 2 facilitators, the social worker observing all of us for court and the three kids - it was a packed house. 

A is a very curious little boy and wanted to watch all the other children playing but he never wandered over to them and always stayed close to us. We found out today that he loves to draw and we have our first piece of artwork to display on our refrigerator at home! Mrs.P eventually opened a window and we all took turns with our little ones on the window sill getting some fresh air. A loved seeing the birds playing outside and the cars driving by. 

Later, we were playing with his puppy dog and the orphanage music teacher came in to get ready for the day and she sang with him a few songs. He really seems to like her and would smile and listen as she sang but he would never leave our laps or go far from us. 

We looked through his picture album several times and he really seems to understand that Mama and Papa in the pictures are us. He's making the connection well and will go to Mama or go to Papa when you ask him to. 

Today was the other couple's (from our agency) child's 3rd birthday. It was fun to see him open a present and see his face when they told him happy birthday in Russian. He loved the wrapping paper and ribbon but loved the toy car inside even more! 

Today we changed his clothes again as he came in wearing the same ones as yesterday and he put his shirt on pretty much by himself! He needed some help with the pants as they were still a little too big. He's a skinny boy and he gave us a view of the moon every once in a while. He didn't get upset when we changed him today, he seems to trust us a little more in that aspect. We're hoping tomorrow to change him into a little Halloween outfit we brought for him. 

Before we left, the music teacher looked over at our picture album we brought for court and asked if she could see it. She then started asking Mrs.P a lot of questions. She was very impressed by our house, his room and his playroom. She also said he seems very happy with us. The social worker also told Mrs.P that we were the perfect match for A and that he seems to like us a lot. 

After playing for about an hour and a half it was time to go so we said our goodbyes. We still didn't get him waving and blowing kisses! He seems to be in such a hurry to go get lunch. We then all went to lunch to the traditional Russian restaurant we went last time. We both had the delicious beef stroganoff and the amazing pavlova again (dessert).

Besides my mama bear instincts coming out today when the other couple had A, today was a very good day. We still are asking for prayers for court tomorrow and we'll update as soon as we can. We're so excited that we'll get to go see him after court tomorrow!

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