Dec 31, 2012

Parenthood - Day 1

Today we got up and were ready to go by 8:30. We met our driver down at the lobby and headed out with him and the other couple from our agency shortly after. He drove us to the Vital Statistics Office where we met Mrs.P, The papa’s to be signed some papers, and suddenly we were officially parents! Apparently, they the mama's don't have to sign anything. 

After that we stopped by a bakery to pick up some cakes to take to the caretakers and we were then on our way to pick him up! When we got there we were put into the director's office instead of the big room and we waited there for the kids to be brought down to us. A came in first and when the door opened, he got the biggest smile on his face and came straight to me. It felt so good that he remembered us! The other couple’s son was then brought in and we had just a few minutes to change their clothes before saying our goodbyes. A was a little nervous when we started changing him but he warmed back up with some hugs and snuggles. 

After the boys were changed into their new clothes and snow suits, we were taken to their rooms so they could say goodbye to their friends and caretakers. All the children were seated nicely in their little chairs and he waved bye-bye to them and one little girl came up and gave him a hug and kiss - we got it on video thankfully! Next he said goodbye to his caretakers. They doted over him and cried a little and then we gave them hugs and I think we all cried then. We were in there for maybe a minute or two and then told we had to leave. It was short and fast but I'm so glad we were able to say goodbye and get some pictures. 

Directly after picking the boys up we went to a place to get their passport pictures taken. The other family went first and it went without a hitch. Then it was our turn. The bright lights and broken chair made for a traumatic event. After several attempts and Mrs.P bribing him with chocolate we got an acceptable picture and we were out of there! He was very relieved to be done with that. 

After pictures we came back to the hotel for lunch where the hotel staff made chicken and dumplings soup (a common dish served at the baby homes) to accommodate all the families bringing their children back today. He loved the soup and bread but had some trouble figuring out the sippy cup. After lunch the papa’s had to go run some official errands with Mrs.P (again apparently the mama's aren't needed) and I got to stay back with A. 

We played for a few hours and he even took a short nap. It was so nice to have him snuggled up next to me. Mr.Slick came back with some groceries and then I cooked dinner. He ate a lot! After dinner we played a little more and then it was bath time. This was very traumatic...for all of us. Baths are very seldom given, if ever and very harshly scrubbed when it's done. Usually when they're bathed it means they're very stinky, got very dirty, got sick, etc. so they may be or feel like they're in trouble. But he's no longer stinky and is now in his new pajamas - they were the first purchase we ever made for him. We bought them just a few days after we got the call about him. He's now snuggling on the couch with us and seems to be calmed down and forgiven us. 

We'll be going to bed soon, so hopefully he sleeps. We are so happy to finally have our boy with us. 


  1. I love this! I'm still checking daily for new stories!

  2. SOooo Happy for you!!!! I love reading your stories!