Jun 15, 2011

Something a little bit different...An insurance RAVE!

So when I called to inquire about my Rx for Clomid 6ish weeks ago, I was informed by my pharmacy that it was NOT covered. I explained that according to the paperwork I had FROM the ins. company that it WAS covered. They then explained that it was only covered at 25mg, not at 100mg like I was prescribed. Well, eff you insurance! I called the company and they confirmed this. Booooo to you!

So anyway, when we decided to move on to FSH injects this cycle+trigger+progesterone supplements I figured these wouldn't be covered. I thought of the three of those that maaaaybe the progesterone would be covered. The Follistim (FSH) was going to run us about $450 out of pocket, the trigger was going to be about $90 OOP and the progesterone was going to be about $225 OOP.

Well ladies and gents...IT'S ALL COVERED! I only have to pay a total of $95!!! That's $25 copays for two of them and a $45 copay for the third. I want to send my insurance company a love letter right now.

Things are starting to look up :)

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  1. What a nice surprise! Good job insurance company :)