Jun 12, 2011

Clomid didn't work but it's still fvcking with me...

I went in this morning for my baseline u/s for our first injects cycle. I was so hopeful. Maybe this would be our cycle. Maybe I'd actually ovulate for the second time in 18 months and actually give us a chance at conceiving. Maybe, just maybe, this would end our struggling.


Baseline u/s indicated a huge fvcking cyst on my left ovary. Why thank you Clomid, not only did you NOT do a fvcking thing to help me ovulate, to help me get pregnant. But you leave this lovely present behind. So, now we're probably going to be cancelling this cycle also.

And really and truly, we're running out of time. I used all my days at work this past school year so I don't have any saved up for this coming school year. We were planning on getting in two, maybe three, cycles in this summer. But from the looks of it, we might not even get one. Which means we'd have to put treatments on hold until Christmas time or next summer. Unless my RE's office magically makes longer hours (just for me!) so I can do all my appointments after school.

Mr.Slick even asked if maybe this was God's way of saying we shouldn't have kids. He keeps putting up these road blocks and we keep maneuvering around them. After talking, we decided that's not what God wants and that he wants us to have kids. But I'm seriously questioning myself a lot lately. 

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