Mar 15, 2011

Well folks...

In a few days I'll be starting with bcp (birth control pills) again. But this time it's so we can get pregnant. Funny, huh?

You see, I have a septum in my uterus. For a visual model: see this, section V.b. For explanation: see Dr. Google.

I have to have it removed via laparoscopy/hysteroscopy (also see Dr. Google for explanation). In order for this surgery to be successful, my RE (reproductive endocrinologist) needs a thin uterine lining. She would also like for my cysts to be suppressed so back on bcp I go!

Fair warning, dedicated readers, I turn into a monstrous emotional mess while on these lovely pills. Complete crazy lady. Complete. My apologies in advance.

BUT, once done with the surgery, we can then go straight into treatments. I can't wait for my date with a turkey baster. I kid, I kid. Kinda. It's much more technical than that but still the same principle.

So there you have it blogging world. This is what's going on with me and my girly parts. And if you'd like other visuals I can provide those as well, like of my actual ute. It's very photogenic as several doctors have taken it's picture in the past few months :)

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