Oct 9, 2013

This awkward moment brought to you by the letter B.

B as in bathroom. 

Not too long ago Little Slick and I were on the way to visit some family across state. Mr. Slick couldn't come so the little dude and I were on our own for a 5-ish hour car ride. 

As you can guess, we had a few bathroom stops. Two were false alarms, three were real. This awkward moment happened on the second false alarm stop. 

We were at a busy stop between our destinations that typically has clean restrooms (I will go out of my way and wait longer than necessary for clean places) and another mom was there waiting with her little one. This little girl was about Little Slick's height, maybe a little shorter, and they were being goofy together. 

The mom and I then exchanged polite smiles and we asked each other how old our kids were. Her's was 5 so I asked the little girl if she was in kindergarten and if she liked to read (in case you're wondering the answer to both of those is yes). And then the other mom asked how old Little Slick was and she was shocked when I said 3. 

"Oh wow! He's a tall thing, isn't he?"

"He is pretty tall."

"I thought he must be older"

::door to bathroom opens and it's our turn to go in but other mom squeezed in one last question::

"Is his daddy tall?"

And here's where I made it awkward. 

Without thinking, I responded, "I don't know, maybe!" and then smiled and closed the door. 

It was about 30 seconds in, while pleading with Little Slick to pee because he HAD TO GO RIGHT NOWWWWWW, that I realized what I said and how it must have sounded. We walked out after an unsuccessful potty attempt and I just gave a sheepish smile. There wasn't really any recovering from that moment so we just booked it outta there as fast as possible. 

So, to the random woman and child waiting in line with us that day, please know that I have a different reason than you probably think for not knowing specifics. And please know that it wasn't me or Little Slick who made the bathroom smell like that in there either. 

Mrs. Slick


  1. Hilarious!
    Thanks for the giggle :)

  2. My cousin was adopted from China. My aunt is very fair skinned, blonde hair and blue eyes. She once had someone ask her, "So is her Dad Chinese?" And my aunt just said, "Yes!" Because well...he was! LOL

    1. (I should note that my aunt was single when she adopted her, so there was no "Dad" in the picture at the time.)