Jun 26, 2013

Exactly one year ago today...

Exactly one year ago today we were making dinner. I was preparing the vegetables to be grilled and Mr.Slick was preparing the chicken. 

The day before our paperwork had been received by our agency. The day before our consultant with the agency reminded us that every time she was calling, it wasn't any cause for concern or excitement necessarily. 

Well, the phone rang. It was our agency. 

I put it on speaker so Mr.Slick and I could hear what was up. We figured they went though our paperwork and they needed something else. 

But she said something else...

She said, "Well, I have some unexpected news. There's a little boy that I want to talk to you about. Do you want to see pictures?"

We got THE call. THE CALL!

While we dropped everything and were frantically trying to wipe away traces of dinner while simultaneously booting up the computer, she started reading off some information about him. She told us some good info and then said, "And his date of birth is June 26, 2010, so today is his 2nd birthday!"

We got THE call on his birthday!

She gave us more information and then said, "The email has been sent. Call me back after you've looked over the information and pictures."

And then we opened the pictures and saw the sweetest face we've ever seen. We saw Little Slick. We saw our son. 

You're told not to fall in love, not to get attached, but I just don't know how that's possible. 

We called my parents first and told them the news and then forwarded them a few pictures. And then because we live close to Mr.Slick's family, we made an excuse to go over there under the guise of printing off more paperwork. We even got Mr.Slick's sister in on the act. While we were there, her family made a "surprise visit" over. We got the email pulled up, acted like we were calm and just printing, and then asked his parents if they wanted to see something. If they wanted to see who would possibly become their grandson. It took a few seconds but then the tears and hugs came. Tears years in the making. Tears we had all been waiting to shed. For the first time, we had happy tears in our family growing journey. 

Happy birthday, baby. We celebrated your birthday in big ways that day, even though we were across the world and you had no clue. And I've loved celebrating with you today. 

And for anyone wondering: we completely forgot about dinner that night and had to throw it all out hours later when we finally got home.


  1. What a wonderful day! Happy birthday to Little Slick and happy matchiversary to you and Mr.!