May 15, 2013

I'm Yours

Little Slick, I'm yours. And you are now mine. But you have not always been mine. You were born to another Mama, another family, another life. 

But as I look back on things, I think we have always been yours. God has been preparing me and Papa for you for much longer than either of us were aware. 

My favorite classes in college were Early Childhood Education classes that covered developmental milestones, delays, attachment disorders and bonding techniques. This is what the majority of our training was over for your adoption. During our post tests for some of our mandatory training, as soon as that first question appeared quoting BF Skinner, and later ones mentioning Piaget, I knew I had it. I knew I would ace that test and I did - without ever having to look over any of the prepared materials. 

Your Papa has always had a fascination with Russian and Eastern European history...even before we ever dreamed we'd find our first baby in Russia. He knew war stories and fascinating tidbits even he seemed surprised to know/remember when we were walking around the city in Russia. 

Even our families were preparing for you. Your great-grandfather (my mother's father), he once traveled to the city where the orphanage was; where we went to meet you, fall in love with you, and to stay with you before we brought you home. He has pictures, souvenirs  and stories about where you're from. 

My mother? One of her very good friends used to travel to Russia frequently. She already had Russian dolls and intricate artwork in her house, things that when we visit Gigi's house we can see and marvel at with you. 

When we finally chose an agency we did so because of R, the woman who works for them who met with us at the informational session. She once worked for a different agency - the agency that my aunt and uncle used for their adoptions - the adoptions of my Russian cousins...and she was one of their consultants. She's helped bring 3 Russian children home for our family. 

Papa's parents for some reason held onto his tricycle all these years. When we brought you home, we realized quickly that you loved anything on wheels and they pulled it down from their attic and brought it over. It's your favorite thing.

Had we gotten pregnant our first cycle trying, my due date would have been late-June 2010. Your birthday is June 26, 2010. 

Had we gotten pregnant on our first IVF cycle, my due date would have been late-June 2012. We received THE call from our agency on your birthday, June 26, 2012. 

I think I've always been yours and I'm so glad that you're finally mine. My malyutka. 


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I have tears

  2. I love this so much!! Totally wiping tears away. Such a beautiful story that I know he's going to cherish when he's older.

  3. So glad you all found each other and where you were supposed to be!