Mar 1, 2013

Dear Lindsay

Today has been, as usual, bittersweet. I miss you. Lots of people miss you, Linds. 

Today I couldn't wait to go get Anthony. Today of all days I needed to hug my baby a little tighter. The woman he stays with for daycare has a glass storm door so he always is looking and waiting for me excitedly. Today he was more excited than normal and wanting more hugs and kisses. 

I think you may have done that. 

I scooped my boy up and we walked out and while asking him about his day he very all the sudden took my face in his hands and turned it, "Mama yook!"  

He wanted me to look at the first and only flower growing in one of her flower beds. I don't know what exactly it was, but it was bright pink. 

I think you may have done that. 

Today I'm trying to be a little more patient, pray a little more, and to appreciate the little things a little more because that brings a little more of you back here to earth. 

Love you and miss you always. 

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