Oct 5, 2012

The Adoption Tax Credit - Why I think you should support it.

The Adoption Tax Credit - Why I think you should support it. 

I'm a hard working American. I come from a family of hard working Americans. I don't like hand-outs you don't work for and I don't believe in just spreading the wealth. 

But I support this tax credit. 

Why? Why would someone like me, someone with my beliefs, want our government to give money to others to help them financially? 

Because it's not about them. The reason behind this tax credit isn't to help them financially it's to help orphans find their forever families. It's about the children, it's not about you. 

Fact of the matter is, adoption costs money. It's expensive! Even if you go the route through CPS or similar systems where it's "free," it's still not completely. There are usually court fees, attorney fees and classes you must take. Of course many of these things are paid for in some states but not all. There's also the time off work, doctor's visits, court hearings, travel to and from all of these things, and sometimes in the adoption world you have to drop your life with a phone call to go pick up the little person that is to be yours. Traveling on no notice isn't cheap. 

Adoptions through state systems tend to be the cheapest costing anywhere from $0 - $5,000. But many of these (not all) children require some expensive and time consuming TLC that happens after the adoption. There are often times unforeseen costs. Of course these things can happen with biological children too but usually (again, not always!) one or both parents already have some time off for the birth of this child. 

Domestic agency/identified adoptions usually range from $10,000-$50,000. These numbers is based on research done in my area with agencies as well as observations from online adoption forums. I've even seen cases where families were charged upwards of $10,000 in hospital bills because their child's biological mother didn't have health insurance (this a completely different can of worms I do not wish to open today). 

International adoptions usually cost anywhere from $30,000-$70,000. These numbers are based on incredibly extensive research of over 20 agencies all around the US. Did you know that with some countries you have to travel 3 or 4 times? That's 3-4 sets of plane tickets, 3-4 hotel stays, and never mind the visas and paperwork needed to get into some of these countries. Some countries require one or both parents to come STAY in the country for 4-6 weeks. Can you imagine leaving your job, house, bills and then living in a foreign country and having to pay similar bills there too? And some countries will be extra awesome and only give you a weeks notice on when you need to be there. That means expediting your visas, last minute plane tickets, last minute hotel reservations, last minute taking care of your business at home. All that costs extra. 

All of these hoops have to be jumped though for these families to get their children, and more importantly for these children to get to their parents. 

Those of you with children (or nieces/nephews, or kids you love) - think of them. What if they were in a household that couldn't give them the care and love you feel they deserve? What if they were in an orphanage where they didn't get enough to eat, a bath, or a hug and love everyday? One way to do this is to make it possible for more families to afford adoption. 

This tax credit is about making sure those kids get nourishment for their mind, bodies, and souls. It's so they can be tucked into bed each night by someone who not only loves them but by someone who can also give them what they need and deserve. 

To find out if your representative has sponsored the Adoption Tax Credit and to see what you can do to help, visit: http://adoptiontaxcredit.org/

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  1. Speak it Slick! Tax credits to those trying to grow their family just makes sense.