Nov 15, 2011

Alright Uterus, let's get the act together.

I don't know why we keep having to have these conversations, my ute and me but it's just not getting the message apparently. 

I went in today for a lining check to start progesterone so we could prep for the (supposed to be) transfer next week. Well, my sucktastic ute lining decided that it was NOT going to thicken at all since my baseline appointment. Right after my period I was at a 4.78 and now? The largest measurement she got was 5.11, the average being 5.06. 

Yeaaaaa, they want at least an 8. 

With most women TTC a kick in the ute would probably be counterproductive but I'm seriously starting to contemplate it. Perhaps it would help? 

If you have any prayers to spare, please pray my lining thickens by next Tuesday after this change to my meds. Please and thank you :)


  1. Come on ute! Cooperate for Mrs. Slick please :) Sending good thoughts for next Tuesday!

  2. Rooting for your ute to get it's act together! Thinking of you!

  3. Dear Slick's better get your act together-OR ELSE! Thinking of you pretty lady :)

  4. plusandalso...sometimes I visit your blog just to feed your fishies hehe

  5. Thanks y'all!

    And thanks bran for feeding my fishies...I'm a bad fish mommy and rarely feed them, lol.