Sep 5, 2011

Need to get something off my chest.

Do not tell me that God will give me a baby when He thinks I'm ready. 
Do not tell me to relax and it will happen. 
Do not tell me that I just need to pray. 

Do you really think that those things haven't crossed my mind? 

And what do you mean by, God will give me a baby when He thinks I'm ready? Are you insinuating that crack whores who leave their babies in dumpsters are more ready than I am? Are you saying that God thinks that child molesters and child beaters are/will be better parents than Mr.Slick and I? 

Please explain yourself here. I understand your intentions are not malicious but please think about what you are saying. 

God created a wonderful system. A scientific system of timing and chance. A system where all things must be 100% correct for a pregnancy to happen. Achieving pregnancy is a scientific process that God created for us. He does not decide who has sex and who doesn't, He gave us free will. I do think he can grant us a miracle, but I do not believe every baby made is a miracle in the religious sense, but more the "the stars are perfectly aligned tonight and we're both healthy" kind of miracle. If God only wanted certain people to have children, then why would sex be necessary? Why wouldn't he just give those specific people their perfect children? He created a perfectly beautiful world and perfectly beautiful scientific process but it's not perfect.


  1. I completely agree. People should not say that. I don't believe it has anything to do with God 'giving you a baby when you are ready'. I think you said it perfectly, its God's system.

    I think people say things like that because they don't know what else to say to someone who so desperately wants to conceive a child. So that is them giving you an "I'm sorry" comment in a whole different way.

    I believe in the power of prayer, though. And I believe that I am living proof that it works, but that is a whole different story. Praying helps. But it doesn't mean a baby is just going to appear in your arms.

    I hope you get your little baby soon <3 You deserve one.

  2. Thanks Desirae! I also believe in God and prayer but like you said, prayers won't make a baby appear in your arms. We need to pray AND be proactive and do all we can do to make it happen.

  3. Couldn't have said it better ;]