Aug 11, 2011

Moving on...

So, due to several factors we are moving on to IVF.

 I was a poor responder, even after 25 days of Follistim, Mr.Slick's samples were pretty good (for someone with MFI) but his numbers fluctuate so much that it's kind of a gamble, and I don't have any more accrued time off at work. 

I have 9 days for the next 8 months. And being a teacher, I can't take an hour here or there or take a long lunch. I can take half days or full days. End of story. And even if I just use all half days, that only gives me 18 "days" total. And as I mentioned above, my ovaries are apparently slow and need 20+ days to get the job done. 

I'm scared and nervous and excited. Mostly excited though. I know this is our best shot, I know this makes the most sense, and I know that if we had decided to do another IUI and it failed I would have been constantly asking myself "Why did we not give it our all and do IVF?"

So here we are. Two nervous wrecks about to throw a pretty good chunk of our savings into one basket. I just hope this basket brings lots of eggs. 


  1. I know it's not ideal to decide to do IVF, but it sounds like the right decision. I am wishing you lots of luck and hoping this will be it!

  2. Lots of love and luck slick. I admire you so much friend. You were one of the first to reallllllly reach out to me on TTGP when I felt completely lost with my anovulation/PCOS. I think highly of you and one day you WILL be an amazing mama. xoxo

  3. Thanks so much both of you! I really appreciate it.